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New Product Launch Microlux DL Proximinal Light Guides

By January 18, 2013October 27th, 2015Product Launch

MicroLux™Diagnostic System can literally save lives…

Intraoral visibility during clinical procedures is often difficult to obtain. Good light is critical for diagnosing caries, finding endodontic canal orifices, cracks in teeth/crowns and for visual guidance during preparations. The MicroLux™Diagnostic System is a versatile, battery-driven light with multiple function autoclavable attachments that can be used for many dental applications.

The MicroLux™Diagnostic System creates an intense beam of light, without heat at the tip, and with the different attachments it has a number of invaluable uses, such as: detecting cracks, caries, proximal caries, and transilluminating canal orifices, perio pocket depths, endo canals, gingival recession and also creates perfect lighting for intra oral photography. A mirror attachment is available which provides additional light not only for examinations, but also in those difficult to see areas in the posterior of the mouth when performing restorative work, assisting productivity and accuracy.

There is also an additional attachment for Oral Cancer screening; 23.600053 Microlux/DL (Diffused Light)  Guide, which can literally save lives.

Photos by Dr. Howard E. Strassler

Photos by Dr. Howard E. Strassler

NEW: In addition, a new Fibre-Light is designed for the MicroLux™Diagnostic System. It has a 0.75 mm disposable light guide with high intensity light making it ideal for endo, perio or surgical procedures. This unique ultra thin disposable light guide aids in the visualization of root canal, root fractures and proximal caries.

The start up bundle price for the MicroLux™Diagnostic System is £350.00 + vat which contains the following:

Microlux handheld device with LED light + 3 x 1.5 v batteries + 4 Interchangeable attachments consisting of:

  •  1 x DL Oral Cancer Screening attachment + 6 pre-screening rinses + 50 patient Oral Cancer Screening leaflets.
  •  1 x Illuminated Mirror
  •  1 x Choice of either Endo Probe or Perio Probe or Fibre-Light Proximal Probe
  •  1 x Transilluminator (2mm) tip with 250 protective disposible sleeves
Peter Gowers

Author Peter Gowers

Peter, Managing Director and Owner started with Panadent as early as 1987. With changing markets from when Mr Oliver Edward Gowers, AKA George, first opened Panadent's doors, Peter developed the company into what it is today, servicing the Dental Lab with a complete One Stop Shop, linking dentists with Labs through new technology and Surgeries with a collection of select products. He created The Advanced Surgical Products Ltd and Panadent Learning Academy Ltd. As well as a holding several posts within the BDIA, Peter is also a keen Yacht Master.

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