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InSafe Needle Disposal System conforms to legislation

By April 23, 2013October 27th, 2015Panadent in the Press

Studies in the UK suggest that up to 56% of dental practices experience at least one needle stick injury per year, and that as many as 30% of these constitute a moderate or high risk of transmission of infection.

The InSafe Dental Syringe is a new and totally unique anaesthetic safety system. It’s a low cost, simple way to protect dental clinical staff. InSafe’s patented syringe and sharps container ensure that the contaminated needle is never exposed except when required for the injection. Dismantling the needle at the end of the procedure is one-handed and poses . No other system offers this level of protection.

  • The only reusable syringe that protects staff from start to finish
  • Can be fully dismantled for sterilisation
  • Feels and weighs like a traditional syringe
  • Doesn’t require any change of technique by the dentist
  • Works with all standard dental needles
  • Available in 1.8 or 2.2 ml format.
  • Easy and safe needle disposal in the inSafe Sharps container.
  • Versatile system with full choice of interchangeable aspiration options and handle design.
  • Quick and simple cartridge change without dismantling device.
  • Meets Directive 2010/32/Eu legal requirements for all dental surgeries to have a safe disposal of sharps procedure
  • Best New Product Winner – The Dental Awards 2009
  • Optional disposal service available from IMS

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CLICK HERE to read HSE’s Guidance


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