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DocSnoreNix® Anti-Snoring Device

By May 14, 2013October 27th, 2015Panadent in the Press

Snoring:  Finally a solution, Dreve Dental, a world renown German Dental Company, has found an ideal solution: the patented DocSnoreNix®’s device. Designed by Dr Schmitt-Bylandt, the Snore Doc Nix brings the lower jaw into a protruded position during sleep, thus the pharyngeal cavity is enlarged and the obstruction of the respiratory ducts is significantly reduced.

Advantages include a maximum reduction of strain to the condyle, super-elastic fastening and connecting elements, and the swallowing reflex remaining unaffected. The patented spring system was especially developed for the SNX splint. It is made of Nitinol, a material that has been used in heart surgery for many years. It has extremely high bending strength and an optimum memory effect and excellent biocompatibility. Low cost but proven to work wonders.

Starter Kit Contains:

  • Doc SnoreNix Starter Set Containing: Pair of spring pliers
  • 1 x Set of Protrusion Springs for Patient
  • 2 x Kombiplast 3 mm thermoforming blank
  • Protrusion Calibration
  • Lightdon Gel, 20 ml Transparent
  • Lightdon Bond, 10 ml Bottle
  • UltraTrim Medium
  • Accessories
  • Manual

Refill Pack Contains:

  • Doc SnoreNix Refill Containing:
  • 1 x Set of Protrusion Springs for Patient
  • 2 x Kombiplast 3 mm thermoforming blank
  • Lightdon Gel, 20 ml Transparent

Spring Set Contains:

  • Doc SnoreNix 1 x Set of Protrusion Springs for Patient

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Author Peter Gowers

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