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New InSafe Instructional Video

By June 4, 2013October 27th, 2015Product News
InSafe Needle Disposal System conforms to legislation May 11th.

The InSafe Dental Syringe is a new and totally unique anaesthetic safety system required now to meet the new sharps legislation introduced into the UK in May 2013.

It’s a low cost, simple way to protect dental clinical staff. InSafe’s patented syringe and sharps container ensure that the contaminated needle is never exposed except when required for the injection. Dismantling the needle at the end of the procedure is one-handed and poses . No other system offers this level of protection.

This instructional video demonstrates just how simple ideas are the best:

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Peter Gowers

Author Peter Gowers

Peter, Managing Director and Owner started with Panadent as early as 1987. With changing markets from when Mr Oliver Edward Gowers, AKA George, first opened Panadent's doors, Peter developed the company into what it is today, servicing the Dental Lab with a complete One Stop Shop, linking dentists with Labs through new technology and Surgeries with a collection of select products. He created The Advanced Surgical Products Ltd and Panadent Learning Academy Ltd. As well as a holding several posts within the BDIA, Peter is also a keen Yacht Master.

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