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NEW Suprinity – Zirconia reinforced Lithium Silicate from Vita

By July 8, 2013October 27th, 2015Panadent in the Press

VITA SUPRINITY® – is now here! The new zirconia reinforced high-performance glass ceramic ideal anterior or posterior crowns and bridges where aesthetics and strength matters. For use with the Sirona CEREC System. VITA SUPRINITY® , is a new generation of glass ceramic milled crown and bridge material. Emerging from a newly patented innovative manufacturing process, Lithium Silicate glass ceramic is enriched with zirconia (approx. 10 % by weight) resulting in the world‘s first zirconia reinforced lithium silicate ceramic (ZLS)*. VITA SUPRINITY®  features a special fine-grained and homogeneous structure which provides the following advantages over its competition:

  • Better vitality and aesthetics
  • Long term reliability
  • Easier trimming and adjustment
  • Quicker and easier polishing
  • Better translucency
  • Better load capacity
  • Improved edge stability

VITA SUPRINITY®  covers a wide range of indications that includes anterior and posterior crowns, suprastructures on implants, veneers, inlays and onlays. Available in the translucency levels HT (HT = high translucent) and T (T = translucent) and in the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shade 0M1 and in 7 VITA classical shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C2 and D2. VITA SUPRINITY®  can be processed with Sirona’s CEREC or inLab MC XL systems software version 4.2 or higheror other milling machines with block converters . Practices or laboratories with a Sirona milling system with a different system configuration can alternatively select lithium disilicate ceramic in the material menu for processing. Contact Panadent Limited or your Henry Schein rep.  Sample Pack consists of 2 Suprinity blocks, one of each translucency, in either shade A1 or A2  and a 15ml Glaze Spray

Dentists, order your VITA SUPRINITY from your usual dealer. Current stockists are Henry Schein and Ceramic Systems
Technicians, order your VITA SUPRINITY by phoning Panadent on 01689 881788

To order your Starter Kits…CLICK HERE…

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