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Three Easy Steps to Getting to know Vita Teeth

By January 21, 2014October 27th, 2015Product News
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3 Easy Steps to Getting to Know Vita Teeth

NEW:  Three Easy Steps to Getting to know Vita Teeth 

Step 1. Choose which Vita tooth best meets your requirements…

Physiodens: A handmade multi-layered tooth, Physiodens are a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship in design and build. Perfect for any situation, particularly implants.

Vitapan Plus: The new addition to the family, this vibrant modern tooth is perfectly suited for the private market. Pronounced neck areas, impressive aesthetics due to enamel progression and colouration with in-depth effect, Vitapan Plus are available in a compact assortment of 15 upper anterior and 6 lower anterior moulds. Mix and match with Vita Lingoform posterior moulds or Vitapan posterior moulds.

MFT (Multi Functional Teeth): An all-purpose tooth for independent usage with an excellent quality/price ratio. MFT offers a unique EasyCentric© feature.

Step 2. A Consignment Stock

We provide a small consignment of 12 moulds in the tooth range of your choice over a 3 month period. As long as you are ordering a minimum of 12 sets per month (i.e 36 sets in 3 months), you can keep the original consignment of 12 sets free of charge. If you haven’t ordered a minimum of 36 sets at the end of the 3 month period, return the original consignment and just pay for the teeth used from the consignment.

Step 3. Buy and Save £££…

After the initial 3 month period, if you increase your monthly order to a minimum of 20 sets per month, obtain a 10 % discount off rrp. For 30 sets per month or more, obtain a 20% off rrp discount.

It doesn’t get much easier than that and whats more… Vita shade, Vita Made: 99.9% of dentists use a Vita shade guide. Only Vita teeth guarantee an exact reproduction of the shade prescribed.

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