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VITA VACUMAT 6000 M Furnace Special Edition 90th Year bundle

By May 30, 2014October 27th, 2015Panadent in the Press

The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M Furnace Special Edition 90th Year bundle celebration now in your favourite colour

90 Yr Furnace01The premium firing unit VITA VACUMAT 6000 M Special Edition comes fully equipped and ready for VITA SUPRINITY. Experience the innovative firing technology and the proven, durable silica quartz muffle. Save money with VITA Energy Efficiency programme certified by TÜV Austria. Choose one of eight colours. Individualize your side panel and Screensaver online after purchase.



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The Package Offer Includes in addition to the furnace customised to your colour of choice from the colour chart (left):

  1. VPad Excellent Control Panel with an individualised screensaver  (of your choice) and a touch pen
  2. Your Design FurnaceYour Design IPad
    Customised to design of your choice furnace side panels
  3. Pump, firing trays and everything required to go.

 Bundle Price: £4300 + vat (Normal rrp £5770 + vat)




90 Yr Furnace14



VITA’s line of modular ceramic furnaces that provide an unprecedented level of adaptability to the dental lab. Thanks to the system’s innovative design, the concept satisfies laboratory firing needs in an efficient and economical way. The heart of the system is the feature-rich control units, which enables the operation of up to four furnaces using a single control pad. The control pads feature three levels of customization: the vPad easy, the vPad comfort and the vPad excellence.


2 FurnacesVITA VACUMAT 6000 M’s flexibility enables the user to purchase only the modules they require initially, then add further components, such as furnaces, control units or accessories as needed. The system provides users with the ability to assemble the most optimal firing system for their specific needs, with a clear cost advantage compared with conventional furnaces.

The new VITA VACUMAT 6000 M is a premium microprocessor-controlled, fully automatic furnace used to fire all types of veneering and crystallization ceramics. The unit features a modern, compact and ergonomic design and just like its predecessors, requires considerably less bench space in comparison to conventional ceramic furnaces.


vac 6000mp coated pressThe premium combined pressing furnace VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP can be used for all dental ceramic firings and for pressing all ceramic materials available on the market, and with all available muffle sizes.

The firing/pressing unit can be operated with the control panels VITA vPad comfort, VITA vPad excellence or VITA vPad clinical. Innovative firing and pressing technology, new materials used in the firing chamber and proven quartz firing muffles lead to constant firing results of highest quality. The compact, ergonomic, state-of-the-art design minimizes floor space requirements.

Areas of Application:

  • For all materials in dental ceramic restorations
  • For vacuum and atmospheric firings
  • For furnace soldering of ceramic work
  • For pressing all press ceramics available in the market
  • For special programs such as crystallization firings

The firing system includes numerous monitoring and safety functions such as automatic temperature adjustment before the start of each program, power failure protection and controlled fast cooling. These innovative features result in consistent firing accuracy while simultaneously saving time for the user. The current operation status is always apparent thanks to an LED light bar visible from a distance. In addition, each of the VITA VACUMAT 6000 M firing units can be individualized with different color side panels. Some can also serve as a notepad.

D150_DVPADEXcel D150_DVPADEasyD150_DVPADComf






A choice of three different control units with intuitive symbols is available to operate the furnace. The vPad easy has 200 user-adjustable programs, all the required functions and produces excellent firing results. The vPad comfort and the vPad excellence control units offer a larger number of customizable programs, and are equipped with a color touch-screen, a Photo Viewer, individual user accounts and many other useful extras

  1. VPad Clinical Operating Instructions
  2. VPad Easy Operating Manual
  3. Vacumat 6000 M Furnace Compendium
  4. Vacumat 6000 MP Pressing Furnace Brochure
  5. Vacumat 6000 M Operating Manual
  6. VPad Comfort and Excellence Operating Manual
  7. Vacumat 6000 M Clinical Brochure
  8. Vacumat 6000 M Product Brochure
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