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NEW Fast Protec System from Panadent for most dental appliances saves you time and materials…explore more?

By August 28, 2014October 27th, 2015Panadent in the Press

Fast Protec Time Saving Logo 1 Fast Protec Time Saving Logo 3 Fast Protec Time Saving Logo 2Fast Protec System for most dental appliances saves you time and materials. With a 30% reduction in waste for removable dentures and therefore a 30% saving of your material costs, integrating Fast Protec into you denture production makes sound economic sense.
Fast Protec is a complete ‘All In One’ modular system for:
■ Removable Full and partial dentures
■ Toronto Bridges
■ Temporary Crowns and Bridges including those requiring fiber reinforcement.
■ Occlusal Splints.
■ OFT Gingival Masks.
■ Duplication.
■ Denture Relines.
■ Ceramic Mouldings for Pressing
Being an integrated system, it’s true. A saving of 40% time from traditional methods of making temporaries is possible using Fast Protec.
Using the bar connecting systems, its also possible to do “All on Fours”® in a fraction of the cost and time currently taken.

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Peter Gowers

Author Peter Gowers

Peter, Managing Director and Owner started with Panadent as early as 1987. With changing markets from when Mr Oliver Edward Gowers, AKA George, first opened Panadent's doors, Peter developed the company into what it is today, servicing the Dental Lab with a complete One Stop Shop, linking dentists with Labs through new technology and Surgeries with a collection of select products. He created The Advanced Surgical Products Ltd and Panadent Learning Academy Ltd. As well as a holding several posts within the BDIA, Peter is also a keen Yacht Master.

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