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Save up to £6,000: inLab 15 Upgrade Loyalty Bonus Promotion

By October 20, 2015October 27th, 2015Promotions

Switch to inLab SW 15.0 now and get all inLab SW 15.0 modules in one package. Potential savings over £6,000!

As an inLab user we thought you would like to know that you now have the option to register for new inLab15 software at a discounted rate with Sirona. The new software provides enhanced features and new features including:

  1. Automatic trimming and automatic prep margin
  2. Creating Parameter Profiles
  3. Jaw-orientated Bio-generic Positioning
  4. Selection of dental databases
  5. Implants – Screw-retained bridges and bars
  6. Implants – Gum design element
  7. Partial Dentures – Designing Model Castings
  8. Surgical Guides
  9. Virtual insertions of multiple layer restorations
  10. Open STL functionality – Import and Export of STL open scan data

Naturally inLab 15.0SW is an option and does not affect how your machine currently operates should you decide to stay with your current software. However there is between now and the end of December 2015 the opportunity to upgrade your software to inLab 15.0 SW potentially with a discounted rate of £ 1125 when registering your units on

The following modules are available:

  • 19.6543024          inLab SW 15.0 Basic Module              £2,300.00
  • 19.6543032          inLab SW 15.0 Implant Module         £   770.00
  • 19.6543040          inLab SW 15.0 Removables Module £    770.00
  • 19.6543057          inLab SW 15.0 Interface Module       £ 2,300.00

Sirona training is obligatory for the use of inLab15 software and we will follow Sirona UK’s lead who we believe are arranging group meetings at their premises for those who register to obtain inLab 15.0 SW. The cost of the trainer (Lino Adolf) will be split equally amongst attendees, however training will be chargeable. Panadent can also arrange training with Lino for inLab 15.0 registrations on a similar basis.

We also advise that inLab 15.0 Sw will need a minimum of Firmware 2.01 software on your PC, so if you have not updated your computer for a while you may need to look at this aspect. If in doubt please call Nigel.


Switching is very easy. To register you will need to have ready the serial number of each of your Sirona Units. Register your name and your existing inLab devices once on the current inLab promotion portal and instantly find out your personal discount that you can use to order the necessary software from your CAD/CAM dealer. The amount of your personal loyalty bonus depends on the date of purchase of your inLab hardware.

The inLab loyalty bonus promotion is valid until December 31, 2015. For further  information on the terms of this promotion please refer to  the inLab promotion portal or directly contact.

If you have any queries or would like to run through in more detail the benefits of inLab15 please do call Nigel on: 01689881766 (DDI)

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