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Thank you: Imetric morning at Panadent

By January 27, 2016Events & Seminars

Thank you to everyone at Imetric, and all those who attended our Imetric demonstration last Wednesday. A special thanks to Stijn, David, and Cristian for sharing with us!

For those of you who were unable to attend, or are unfamiliar with Imetric’s line of 3d scanners, we welcome you to join us for our next Imetric demonstration, currently scheduled for early April. Imetric’s scanners are revolutionary, offering:

  • A fully open, patented, structured light source
  • Extreme precision (5µ fit implant bars)
  • Highly accurate and fast processing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Economical pricing
  • A choice of scanners and software

Don’t miss our next demo! Get notified when the next Imetric demo is taking place!

Seats are limited. Fill in your email address to be notified of the next Imetric demonstration. We’ll notify you closer to the time of the event so you can reserve your seat.

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Imetric 3D SA is a leading supplier of 3D scanning systems with its headquarters located in Switzerland.

The company started as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal institute of Technology 9eth0 Zurich 1992. The first products were for industrial metrology.

Imetric has now developed its own line of scanning solutions which combine the technologies of photogrammetry and structured white light to obtain the most accurate measurements. In 1997 Imetric developed a number of unique systems including a camera with integrated computer with repeatability of 0.008mm over 10m. In 2006, Imetric started to focus on the development of scanners for dental applications of scanners within the dental CAD/CAM workflow. Based on the same technologies as Imetric’s industrial solutions, their scanners used by Dental Technicians worldwide are proven to produce highest quality 3D Data. Today customised and standard solutions are manufactured with the Dental Laboratory requirements in mind.

Kevin Halfhill

Author Kevin Halfhill

Kevin began working with Panadent in 2010, and has since become an integral part of Team Panadent. He has over 15 years working with dental-based companies, including Vident/VITA North America, helping them with their online presence and marketing efforts.

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