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Thank you: South London Dental Laboratories Group

sldlg at croydon

Panadent was invited by the SLDLG (South London Dental Laboratories  Group) to attend  their meeting last night at the Croydon Park Hotel. Karen Heiss, from Schick Dental, and David Garruba, from Imetric, gave hands-on demonstrations for their respective products. Over 30 Lab Technicians were able to see for themselves why Schick’s reputation of excellence and Imetric’s unrivaled expertise in the field of light-structured scanners are so unique. Thank you to the SLDLG, to Schick Dental, Imetric scanners, and to everyone who attended for a very enjoyable evening.

Kevin Halfhill

Author Kevin Halfhill

Kevin began working with Panadent in 2010, and has since become an integral part of Team Panadent. He has over 15 years working with dental-based companies, including Vident/VITA North America, helping them with their online presence and marketing efforts.

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