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Mouth Cancer Action Month

By October 21, 2016November 1st, 2016Panadent in the Press

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month

Get involved with Panadent!

Panadent will donate 5% to Cancer Research UK (Diagnose Cancer Earlier) for every cancer screening aid sold in November

Mouth Cancer Action Month is supported by:
The British Dental Health Foundation & the
Mouth Cancer Foundation


Hold a special mouth cancer screening in your Dental practice.

Panadent offers the widest choice of oral screening adjuncts/tools:
-single use ViziLite Plus
-BioScreen system
-VELscope/Vx system
-Toluidine Blue dye

Kick start your Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign – Mouth Cancer Action Month Campaign Pack (£30.00) and/or the Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit (£25.00) from the British Dental Health Foundation.  Contact Tel: 01788 546 365 Email: Website:

Contact The Mouth Cancer Foundation to receive FREE mouth cancer information, awareness materials and merchandise Tel: +44 (0)20 8940 2222 Email:  Raise awareness of this debilitating disease by displaying information, leaflets and posters in dental and hospital waiting areas.  Join the battle against head and neck cancers by warning patients to the dangers of tobacco use and alcohol consumption. Screen patients for mouth cancer and stress the importance of regular dental checks. For the full range of what The Mouth Cancer Foundation offers visit:

Guidelines for urgent & non urgent referral

Urgent referral

According to the NICE guidelines, patients should get an appointment with a cancer specialist within 2 weeks if the dentist or Clinical Dental Technician feels that a patient may have symptoms that could be due to cancer. The guidelines say that urgent referral to a cancer specialist is necessary if the patient has

  • Mouth ulcers that do not go away after 3 weeks
  • An unexplained lump in the neck that won’t go away
  • A lump on the lip or in the mouth that won’t go away or
  • Red or red and white patches in your mouth (that are not thrush) – Adjuncts/Tools are available from Panadent to screen for these patches that may be missed with the naked eye.

It is important to bear in mind that some of these symptoms can be caused by other less serious medical conditions. They do not necessarily mean that cancer or pre-cancer is present in the mouth or oropharynx. But patients could be more at risk of mouth or oropharyngeal cancer if they are a long term smoker (especially if they drink alcohol as well, while smoking) or if they chew tobacco (betel quid, paan, gutkha).

Referral to a specialist as a non urgent referral is when the patient has red or white patches in their mouth that are not painful, swollen or bleeding.  Erythroplakia and leukoplakia are not cancerous, but can lead to cancer in some people over time if they are not treated. This is where screening adjuncts/tools seriously come into play – early detection means earlier diagnoses. Helping patients to get a diagnoses that, more than often, just results in monitoring these patches for change is key. Helping patients make lifestyle changes that could improve their quality of life is paramount.

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