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Master Course – Metal Work Design and Creativity – Wednesday 15th March 2017

Vita VMK MASTER Ceramic – 7 hours verifiable CPD – To book Call Panadent 01689 88 17 88

Course Date: Wednesday 15th March 2017

Course Times: 09h00 to 17h00 pm (one hour lunch)

Course Fee: £550 per person including VAT, material costs and Pub Lunch

Venue: Panadent Training Centre
149 Sevenoaks Way, Orpington, Kent BR5 3AQ

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Jürgen Freitag
Master Technician

As Jürgen Freitag, Master Dental Technician (JF Dental, Bad Homburg, Germany) knows from decades-long experience, “Aesthetic perfection is the result of combining innovation with tradition”. Besides working with state-of-the art materials and CAD/CAM technology, the veneering expert, who specializes in highly esthetic prosthetic solutions, also values the benefits of metal-ceramic restorations. This allows him to combine the best of both worlds and offer his customers excellent results. What I value most of all is the versatility and the great aesthetic potential of metal ceramics, especially that of VITA VMK Master. For certain indications, such as discolored stumps or attachments, I even prefer solutions with metal substructures to those made of zirconium dioxide”.


Milled metal frameworks are rapidly becoming the order of the day as they are time saving and economical to produce.

To achieve high aesthetic results with metal framework requires high skills and a wide-ranging understanding of the layering process. This course aims at meeting this challenge as well as at improving productivity and skills using time saving techniques and materials. Your tutor, Jürgen Freitag has elected to layer two metal milled central crowns.




Outline of VMK Master chemical and mechanical properties with regard to metal framework stability (Flexural strength, tensile loads, fracture resistance, chemical bond etc..) in the posterior and frontal areas. Overview of thermal and aesthetic properties. Understanding the layering process through discussion of cases taken from instructors current portfolio of daily work.


  • Layering process step by step instructions
  • Layering technique and internal and external staining
  • How to avoid cracking and manage fissures
  • Make the best of transparent and opalescent juxtapositions
  • How to create the illusion of space
  • Understand and control material luminosity and opalescence
  • Bonding procedures
  • Etching, Polishing, Staining using the latest materials available


A hands on course designed to demonstrate how milled bonded crowns can be made in a more efficient and economical way. Learn the latest building techniques and how to achieve great aesthetics with a choice of internal or external stains. Understand natural light refraction properties, its diffusion and the opalescence of natural teeth and how to reproduce them. Get a better understanding of layering anf firing ceramic on milled metal frameworks.

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