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Facebook discussion: Dental & Ortho Pulse Arc Welders

A Facebook page dedicated to the dental & ortho pulse arc welders field. Friends and colleagues from around the world sharing experiences and materials about the subject. Join the discussion at “puk d3 pulse arc welding for dental and ortho”


If you don’t have a Facebook, see more of Lampert Werktechnik GmbH Germany by logging onto & check out the photos/ videos from recent PUK welding events.

Panadent is partnered with Lampert Werktechnik GmbH, a manufacturer of PUK ® fine welding equipment, as their UK supplier.


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Pam assisted with the big move from London to Orpington in 2001 then joined the sales and marketing team. She has a special interest in oral cancer screening/ easy-graft grafting system and enjoys being a team member for road shows, exhibitions, sales and keeping Panadent's catalogue of products and equipment up to date.

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