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Press Release – Panadent is pleased to announce the launch of OT Medical’s Implants in the UK


Panadent is pleased to announce the launch of OT Medical’s Implants in the UK.

With the announcement by Sybron Implants that they will be phasing out the highly successful self tapping cylindrical screw Pitt-Easy® and Bi-Cortical® implants which and the conical ‘press-fit’ Endopore® system for insertion into severely atrophied jaws, which together have successfully been used for over 30 years

OT Medical’s OT- F1 implant is fully compatible with the Pitt Easy implant. All surgical protocols , instruments, screwdrivers and prosthetic components are interchangeable and from the same German factory & QA certification. OT-F³ has the similar protocol to Endopore® but with much improved internal hex design & improved QA production methods.

All products developments are the result of a wealth of experience and research in close cooperation with users, clinicians and dental technicians resulting in innovative and precise implants, backed by the security of being “Made in Germany” by the original manufacturer to exacting standards.

Based on high-quality medical care, the following implant systems are available:

The OT- F1 implant system FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH Pitt Easy characterised by cylindrically running threads on a conical implant body and its self cutting function, relates to an implant type proven for over 30 years.

OT-F² is a refined version of OT- F1 offering interchangeable prosthetic heads with OT-F³ via FOURBYFOUR® internal connection, improved immediate stability, predictable drilling protocols to name but a few.

To view the OT Medical range of Implants see or contact Panadent on 01689 881788 to obtain a price list and brochure.

Pitt-Easy, Endopore and Bicortical are registered trade marks of Sybron Implants.


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