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Aims and Objectives:

Course content:

Learning outcomes:

How to efficiently veneer Vita Ambria press ceramic and Vita Zirconia restorations with Vita Lumex veneering system to achieve the highest aesthetic results perfectly matching Vita shades.


Solvey Bossen

Having worked in leading positions of ceramic departments at dental laboratories in Germany, Solvey was responsible for high aesthetic ceramic restorations, high-end implant cases, training and communication with Dentists and Patients for individual shade determination. She has trained talented Dental Technicians upgrading layering techniques, encourage improvements to workflow, material awareness and assisting with individual, high aesthetic ceramic restorations. Solvey designed the VITA Premium tooth line “Physiodens” Anteriores for VITA Zahnfabrik in cooperation with Dr. End (Physiological Occlusion System). She has dedicated her professional life to dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. Solvey has now joined the VITA Team as their UK Specialist and Demonstrator and instructs both Dentists and Laboratory Technicians about their products range.

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