Minimally invasive inlay restoration from the hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC

Inlay restorations using CEREC procedures have been an established process in digital dentistry for decades. However, due to the required minimum wall thickness, a lot of tooth substance frequently had to be dissected in reconstructions of traditional ceramics. Due to reduced minimum wall thicknesses, VITA ENAMIC (VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany) allows minimally invasive restorations […]

Abrasion resistance of materials: hybrid ceramic vs. composite?

The abrasion behavior of CAD/CAM materials is a building block of long-term clinical success. Dental materials should behave similarly to enamel, but at the same time be resistant to abrasion in order to guarantee function in the long term. If relatively “soft” materials are used, this can impair function due to increased material wear. Dipl.-Min. […]