easy-graft® by Guidor – Synthetic Bone Regeneration Material

easy-graft® and calc-i-oss® Synthetic Bone Graft Substitutes by Guidor

Guidor easy-graft® CLASSIC & easy-graft® CRYSTAL

Description / Composition

Easygraft Classic and Easygraft Crystal are bioresorbable, completely synthetic bone graft substitutes for bone defects. They consist of two components: Granules and BioLinker™. When combined the material becomes a ‘putty-like’ biomaterial and can be applied directly from the syringe into the bone defect.

When in contact with body fluids such as blood or saliva the material hardens within minutes and forms a stable, porous bone substitute material. Due to the porosity of the material, blood  absorption is promoted to assist the healing process. Due to its stable nature, in most cases its healing area does not require a membrane.

easy-graft CRYSTAL Specifications

Biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP); 60% hydroxyapatite (HA) & 40% beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP); Hydroxyapatite remains incorporated in the newly formed bone for a long term volume stability; 100% alloplastic origin

easy-graft CLASSIC Specifications

100% Alloplastic origin; Phase-pure beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP); Complete resorption within 5-15 months

Guidor calc-i-oss®

calc-i-oss® is effectively the same material science as easy-graft® but without the PLGA bonder.

100% Resorption – More Space for New Bone

Space for regeneration

GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC consists of a phase-pure ß-TCP 100% alloplastic material with no elements of animal or human origin. Macropores provide space for vascularization and bone regeneration. The open micropores of GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC allow for optimal fluid circulation.

Replaced by Bone

GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC is biocompatible and osteoconductive. Material resorption and bone regeneration proceed in parallel. GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC is fully resorbed within 5 to 15 months. In clinical practice, resorption of phase-pure ß-TCP is observed after shorter healing periods. No foreign material remains in the body.