Calset Composite Heater Accessory Trays (To place on the Calset Heater) See Calset Heater packages

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A Composite Heater of superior quality. Application: Thermal Assisted Light Polymerisation

Features: Heats composite material to 98°F (37°C), 130°F (54°C), 155°F (68°C); Maintains constant chosen temperature; The Calset will turn off after 10 hours of unattended use; increases degree of cure; trays to warm finishing instruments.

Sets include Calset heater base, UK power supply & tray choice

Option for UK/EUR/AUS/NZ/USA power supply when purchasing a Calset heater base

Calset heater base with 8 different trays shown in photo order:
1. Syringe 7-hole Tray (silver colour tray) code: tray only 600064, w/calset 110043
2. Tri-Tray (blue colour tray) code: tray only 600067, w/calset 110021-12
3A Porcelain Veneer Tray (black, flat shape, holds up to 10 veneers) code: tray only 600066, w/calset 110021-11
3B Restoration Tray (similar to the porcelain veneer tray photo, black, flat shape, holds 6 veneers & 2 compules) code: tray only 600044, w/calset 110021-44
4. Standard Composite Compule Tray (flat shape, holds 8 compules) code: tray only 600003, w/calset 110021
5. Multi Tray (silver colour, holds 1 dispenser, 4 compules, 2 syringes & 2 finishing instruments) code: tray only 640054, w/calset 110021-54
6. 3D Tray (silver colour, holds 3 dispensers, 4 compules & 1 syringe or finishing instrument – ideal for dentists who do bulk fillings) code: tray only 640100, w/calset 110021-60
7. Dispenser Tray (black, holds 1 dispenser & compules at bottom of tray) code: tray only 600047, w/calset 110021-02

The popular Addent CoMax composite dispenser gun, shown in photo, code 23.120000 for £270.00 excl vat – sold separately

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Addent’s Calset Composite Heater base offers an array of trays that are designed specifically to be individually placed on the Calset heater base with 230V AC adaptor, making this system multi-functional. Space saving and highest robust quality.

Standard Compule Tray
Holds and warms 8 Composite Compules plus well for extruded material.

Calset Tri-Tray
Holds and warms 2 Finishing Instruments. 
Holds and warms 3 spare Compules. 
Warms Compule in Composite Dispenser. Compatible with the CoMax, Kerr (Original), Caulk & Clinician’s Choice Dispensers

Accepts composite dispenser, 2 finishing instruments, 2 syringes and 4 composite compules. Compatible with the CoMax, Kerr (Original), Caulk & Clinician’s Choice Dispensers

3D Tray
Warms composites in 3 dispensers and holds 4 spare compules. Compatible with the CoMax, Kerr (Original), Caulk & Clinician’s Choice Dispensers.

Anaesthetic Tray
Anaesthetic injected at body temperature
is more comfortable for the patient, holds 3 carpules.

Syringe Tray
Holds and warms up to 
7 Composite Syringes

Dispenser Tray
Holds and warms spare Compules.
 Warms Compule in Composite Dispenser. Compatible with the Centrix & Venus Dispensers.

Restoration Tray
The indirect adhesive interface is one of the weak links in clinical bonding procedures. With the Restoration Tray, water released from the silane reaction can be quickly evaporated. For those wishing to cement with warm paste composite, there are two slots that hold most compule designs

Porcelain Veneer Tray
Veneer Tray allows cementation 
using warm Composite and provides fast composite clean up.

MultiPRO Tray

Flexible configuration,  Warms 3 dispenser, 4 complules, syringes and/or finishing instruments.

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Standard Compule Tray, Calset Tri-Tray, Multi-Tray, 3D Tray, Anaesthetic Tray, Syringe Tray, Dispenser Tray, Restoration Tray, Porcelain Veneer Tray, MultiPRO Tray


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