DentaGel D8 Duplicating Agar Gel melting and holding unit – Each

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The DENTAGEL-series comprises of one model with built-in cooling systems.


•Easy to operate
• Duplicating compound always ready for use
• Controlled and careful handling of the agar
• Thermostat-controlled melting and holding temperature with digital read out of desired and actual temperatures
• Efficient cutting
• Easy-to-clean melting pot in stainless steel
• Non-clogging duplicating compound discharge system
• Safety features include automatic cut-out of the stirring mechanism when the lid is lifted
• Time-saving advantage of a built-in cooling system.

DENTA GEL-units are designed to handle all popular duplicating compounds.


  • Length (from front to back) 290 mm
    Width (along back plate) 350 mm
    Height (including legs) 520 mm
  • Weight 16 kg
  • Voltage 230 v / 50 Hz
  • Power: 550 VA
  • Capacity 8 Kg


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