Dentsply Degudent StarLoy C Alloy

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StarLoy C, porcelain bonding alloy

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A CoCr alloy, can be fired with a CTE of 14.3µ/m · K (25-600°C). Suitable for crowns and bridges of any span, for porcelain veneering, for full cast crowns and bridges, primary and secondary parts, adhesive bridges and implant restorations. Free of beryllium and nickel. Very high corrosion stability, easy to cast and polish.

Technical data:

Elongation limit 630MPa; Tensile strength 790MPa; Vickers hardness 330 HV10; Ultimate elongation 3%; Modulus of elasticity approx. 200,000MPa; Density 8.8g/cm³; Melting interval 1270-1370°C; Casting temperature approx. 1500°C; CTE 14.0 x 10ᶝK¹ (25-500°C) 14.3 x 10-ᶝK-¹(215-600°); Composition: Co 59.4; Cr 24.5, W10.0; Nb 2.0;V2.0; Si1.0, Mo10; Fe 0.1

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