Dreve Denture Art System Pack

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DentureArt Cold-curing resin casting system
Comprehensive Pack

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Cold-curing resin casting system based on a highly opaque base resin and different harmonised intensive stains for a creative reconstruction of lifelike gingiva. Features: Perfect cover of the cervical area and constructional elements; High degree of creativity; Different shades for individual characterisation; Colour-stable; Very low polymerisation shrinkage.

Delivery includes: 190g Castdon base powder, natural opaque, 35g each Castdon color powder gingiva red, margin white, vein blue, 8g each Castdon intense powder red, white, yellow, brown; 7ml each Veins viscose fibres dark red, blue, 150ml Castdon monomer, 50ml Castdon color monomer, mixing spatula, brush and measuring beaker.

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