Dreve FotoClean®

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The new water-based cleaning fluid FotoClean ® has been developed for use in heated ultrasonic cleaning units. FotoClean ® effectively removes uncured resin from the surface of additively manufactured parts prior to post curing

The ready to use liquid is unlike the commonly used isoproponol, non toxic and non flammable.


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Product description

FotoClean is a ready to use, water-based cleaning mixture for use in the Bandelin ultrasonic cleaner with built-in heating for cleaning of additively manufactured components.

Storage at 18–28 °C


Density: approx. 0.98g/ml

pH-value: neutral

Vapour Pressure@ approx. 20 mbar at 20°C

Water Solubility: Completley miscrible

Application temperature 18-40°C

Additional information


2 x 1ltr, 5ltr Cannister


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