Dreve Granules – (for thermoforming units)

£25.00£49.50 excl. VAT+Carg.

Dreve, lead granules round for Drufomat & Drufosmart Scan units, 1.2kg

Dreve, refined steel granules minimises the formation of holes when using thin material, 1.2kg

Erkodent, stainless steel granules for Erkoform-3d unit, 1.3kg

Dreve, steel granules for the Vacumat unit, 1.2kg

Scheu-Dental, unleaded granules for the Ministar S unit, 1Kg

Note: All above units sold separately

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Lead Granules, round, Refined Steel Granules, Stainless Steel Granules, Steel Granules, Unleaded Granules


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