Elsodent – Harmony Impression Material – Putty – 2 x 300ml

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HARMONY has been specially developed to provide a very precise and highly hydro-compatible
impression material. This makes it one of the best on the market:

  • HARMONY light and medium viscosity are thixotropic, to insure an accurate and “easy to take”
  • Unlike many other impression materials, an impression made with HARMONY has a mat appearance which allows a perfect and fast reading and gives the opportunity to correct the impression right away, if needed.
  • Optimized ratio between working time (long) and total setting time (reduced time in mouth)
    known as the «Snap Set» effect. It is the first time that a silicone can show the same kinetic during polymerization than a polyether material.


HARMONY impression material is available in the following viscosity’s and setting times:

  • Low viscosity, normal or fast setting for the two steps impression (wash technique).
  • Medium viscosity, normal setting, for the “one step” impression procedure.
  • Putty soft, normal setting (yellow). • Putty soft, fast setting (blue).

References & Presentations

  • 32.HPN-600 Putty soft, normal setting (yellow) 2 x 300 ml.
  • 32.HPF-600 Putty soft, fast setting (blue) 2 x 300 ml.
  • 32.HM-100 Medium viscosity, normal setting (purple) 2 x 50 ml cartridges 10 mixing tips.
  • 32.HLN-100 Low viscosity, normal setting (green) – 2 x 50ml cartridges 10 mixing tips.
  • 32.HLF-100 Low viscosity, fast setting – 2 x 50ml cartridge 10 mixing tips.
  • 32.HM-40 4 x 10 ml medium 10 mixing tips 10 intra-oral tips.
  • 32.HLF-40 4 x 10 ml low viscosity (fast setting) 10 mixing tips 10 intra-oral tips.
  • 32.HLN-40 4 x 10 ml low viscosity (normal setting) 10 mixing tips 10 intra-oral tips.
  • 32.EJ-100 100 yellow mixing tips.

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Normal setting, Fast setting


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