Erkodent Erkoform 3D Plus Vacuum Thermoforming Unit

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Reliable thermoforming unit with automated thermoforming process.


• Special functions allow to separately turn the heating and vacuum pump on and off.
• Safety switch-off after 10 sec. when the next working steps are not executed.
• Many different languages can be selected – thermoforming unit with reserve-vacuum and touchpanel
• Same characteristics as the Erkoform-3dmotion but without automated thermoforming process. Touchpanel (Erkoform-3dmotion and 3d+ with different functions)
• The program contains all Erkodent thermoforming materials, leads as short guide with animations through the sequence of work and indicates the required working steps.
• Select desired foil and thickness, start.
• The display informs abut each operating status.
• The indicated thermoforming temperature and cooling time can be changed for special applications without influencing the basic program.
• Often used foils can be saved as favorites.
• New foils can be programmed as favorites.
• Also changed factory settings can be saved as favorites.

The Erkoform-3d+ is a noticeable further motion 3 development of the Erkoform-3d.
It is technically an Erkoform-3dmotion without automatic.

Both units are characterised by a sudden adaptation. This is possible because of a provided large volume reserve vacuum. Both units use a sensor for a touchless temperature measurement of the thermoforming
material. This guarantees the exact material temperature for the thermoforming process independent of the surroundings. Both units are equipped with a medium-wave infrared heating without preheating time.

Additional Features: No compressed air supply required so ready to use; Touchless temperature sensor for accurate determination of the actual thermoforming material temperature; No preheating time required; Sudden vacuum is built up before the thermoforming process. More space for higher models; Perpendicular pre-stretching and forming means an even foil thickness; It is completely accessible during the heating process.

Dimensions: H315mm W350mm D370mm Weight: 11.9kg

Technical data:

50HZ; max vacuum 340V including heater; Vacuum pressure 0.5-8 bar. Blanks size Ø120mm

Delivery includes: Erkoform 3d complete with 1.3kg stainless steel granules.

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