Fast Protec Acrylic Fast Powder, Micro Pearl & Liquid

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Fast Protec Acrylic Fast Powder Micro Pearl
Extremely fluid, easy polishing, free from shrinkage resin

Pink, pink veined, pink34, clear
powder 1kg; liquid 500ml

Call for availability:
+44 1689 881788


Fast Protec Acrylic Fast Powder in Micro Pearl. A denture PMMA extremely fluid, easy polishing, free from shrinkage.

Cold-curing resin for the injection, pouring or pressing techniques. Different colours available but the same stability and no shrinkage to meet all your needs:
-full and partial dentures
-repairs and relining could be performed in an easy and fast way

Top aesthetics with less residual monomer

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Micro Pearl, Pink, 1kg, Micro Pearl, Pink Veined, 1kg, Micro Pearl, Pink 34, lkg, Micro Pearl, Clear, 1Kg, Liquid, 500ml


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