Fast Protec Silicone Blue Putty (70 Shore)

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Fast Putty Silicone used to fill up the muffle (fitting silicone) 70shore
1kg x A 1kg x B
5kg x A 5kg x B

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Exceptionally malleable precision silicone with long term stability. 70 shore A = white + B = blue
Kneadable silicone for the first templates. It guarantees an extremely precise detail reproduction without distoration even at high temperatures and an excellent long-term dimensional stability.

Economic rigid bulk filler silicone. Can be combined with Fast Protec’s Fast Precision Blue.

Fast Protec silicones have an excellent dimensional stability and an extremely precise detail reproduction without distortion even at high temperatures.

Silicones available from Fast Protec:
-Addition silicones for the first and second templates
-Transparent silicones for composite processing
-Silicones in cartridges to reproduce the tooth stump.

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1kgA + 1kgB, 5kgA + 5kgB


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