Guidor easy-graft (easygraft) CRYSTAL – Synthetic Bone Regeneration Material (Set of 3 Syringes)

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GUIDOR easy-graft is a mouldable, sticky biomaterial that can be applied directly from the syringe. When in contact with blood, GUIDOR easy-graft hardens within minutes to form a porous scaffold that perfectly fits the defect morphology thus providing excellent clot stability in the initial healing period.
• Direct from the syringe
• Mouldable mass assists tissue manipulation during application
• In-situ hardening for clot stabilisation
• No substances of animal or human origin
• Choice of resorption profiles

The GUIDOR easy-graft difference

1: GUIDOR easy-graft system contains a pre-filled syringe of polymer coated granules (coloured blue in the illustration and labeled B in the scanning SEM image in the ‘Granule Porosity’ section below) together with a separate ampoule of polymer activator (BioLinker, as shown by dots in images 1).
2: When added to the syringe, BioLinker softens the polymer coating creating a sticky surface. GUIDOR easy-graft granules stick together when compressed and shaped.
3: When in contact with body fluids (highlighted in pink) BioLinker is flushed out of the material.
4: GUIDOR easy-graft hardens in a matter of minutes, forming a stable porous scaffold of interconnected granules matched to the defect shape (see also ‘Macroporosity’ SEM image below).


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Additional information

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Set of 3 syringes

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0.15ml, 0.25ml, 0.4ml


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