Hager & Werken Speed Labolight Light Curing Unit

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Universal light-curing polymerisation device.

Features: For a variety of light-curing dental materials. Nanometer spectrum 320–550nm; Optimised light mixture for a homogenous and safe curing; Circular arrangement of eight rod lamps around a turntable and one halogen lamp. Interval turntable for an evenly light impact and curing; Adjustable from one second to 99 minutes, protection against overheating, polymerisation temperature in the chamber does not exceed 40°C; Durable (approx. 1,000 hours), easy-to-exchange lamps; Acoustic signal indicates end of polymerisation; Operating hours counter.

Dimensions: H290 W250 D240mm Weight: 7kg

Technical data:

50HZ, Power consumption 225W; Lamps: 8 x 9 W T1 (white light) 4 x 9W T8 (UV –A) 1x150W (halogen)

Delivery includes: Speed Labolight unit incl 13 lamps.


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