InterDent CC nf CoCr Discs

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Disc for CAD/CAM system, based on CoCr, free of nickel and beryllium which fulfils the requirement of the standard EN ISO 22674 for non-precious alloys and ISO 9693-1 for alloys intended for porcelain fused to metal restorations. It is made of biocompatible alloy, which is easy to polish and has very little oxides and is therefore extremely suitable for porcelain. Ideal coefficient of thermal expansion allows use of wide range of different ceramics.

Composition (Mass – %) Properties
Co 63.0 Type 4
Cr 24.0 Vicker’s hardness HV 10
W 8.0 CTE 25-500°C   13,9 X 10⁶ K¹   285
20-600°C   14,0 X 10⁶ K¹
Mo 3.0 0,2 Elongation limit Rp 0,2  490 Mpa
Si 1.0 E Modul E   CA 210,000 Mpa
NB, C <1 A5 10%

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98x8mm, 98x10mm, 98x12mm, 98×13.5mm, 98x15mm, 98x18mm


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