Microlux 2 Multifunctional Transilluminator & Accessories/Refills

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Exceptional tool, Addent’s  Microlux Transilluminator is used for transillumination; detecting anterior and posterior caries as well as hairline cracks on the tooth, sub gingival calculus and root canal orifice. A very useful small hand held device.

Transilluminator complete set includes; the Microlux handpiece plus one transilluminator black glass light guide attachment & sample pack of protective sleeves.

Other tip attachments (sold separately) for your multi-purpose handpiece include:
A-B) Additional Black glass light guide attachments: A standard 3mm light output or more intense 2mm light output.
C) Lighted mirror attachment; Each mirror (pack of 5) consists of a high quality front surface rhodium mirror and autoclaveable polycarbonate plastic.
D) Perio Probe attachment to house a 1mm double sided disposable fiber light guide; to detect the depth of pockets & gingival recession (with a 3mm, 5mm & 7mm light marker)
E) Endo Lite attachment to house a 1mm double sided disposable fiber light guide; to detect root fracture & posterior caries
F) Proximal carie detection attachment to house a 0.75mm double sided disposable fiber; for those hard to reach places
G) box of 250 protective sleeves

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The Microlux 2 Multifunctional Transilluminator is used for detecting anterior and posterior caries.  It also helps to visualise crown fractures, root canal orifice, and root fractures. Ideal also for detecting caries and hairline tooth fractures on patients that are pregnant and young children, when x-rays imaging is not an option. This handy handpiece also accommodates other attachments sold separately, such as the perio probe, endo light, proximal carie fibre light guide, diffused light (DL) guide for screening and lighted mirror

This ergonomic new high intensity model includes new features that have been requested by many dentists. An easy to use push button controls the dual intensity operation and provides for better visualization. The battery has a low level indicator, and the unit has a voltage regulator to insure constant light output. It uses 2 easily available AAA batteries. The Microlux 2 comes with either a 2 or 3mm light guide, and accepts all existing Microlux autoclaveable attachments. The accessory light attachments are: 5 package of mirrors, .75mm Proximal tip, .75mm Perio tip, and 1mm Endo tip. The ergonomic design provides an anti-roll feature.

• Slim Ergonomic Design
• High & Low Output Levels
• Conveniently Located Control Button
• Battery Voltage Regulator
• Battery Low Level Indicator
• Accepts All Existing Microlux Attachments
• Auto Turn Off


• Easy Handling
• Better Visualization (High Setting), Better Photos (Low Setting)
• Easy One Finger Operation
• Constant Light Output
• Advanced Notification To Change The Battery
• Multiple Applications with One Device
• The Microlux 2 Unit Will Automatically Turn Itself Off After 7 Minutes Of Use To Conserve Battery Power

INTENDED USE: To detect cracks, caries, sub gingival calculus and root canal orifice Length: 5’ x 5/8” diameter (13cm x 1.5cm diameter); Weight: 2.0 oz (57 grams); Output: 90mw/cm2 @ 5600K Battery: N cells (3) Carbon Zinc or Alkaline; Approx. 40 hrs operation; Light guide: Fiber Optic with turbo action, exit diameter .120 inches; Light Source: T-13/4White LED

Other attachments available for the Microlux multi-purpose handpiece:

Proximal Caries attachment, DL Oral Cancer Screener, 2mm Light Guide for caries detection, Endo Lite for detecting root fractures and posterior interproximal caries, Perio Lite with 3,5, and 7mm illuminated markings, 5 pack of Mirrors, Pedo Light Guide.

Microlux diagnostic System Multi-purpose Usages:
1. General Dentistry A. Assists in detection of caries. This technique is especially helpful for location of caries which may be blocked on x-ray due to existing fillings. B. Locates supra and sub gingival calculus. C. When composite removal is required, locates residual composite material which appears darker than surrounding tooth structure.
2. Prosthodontics A. Location of the dentino-enamel junction in crown preparations. B. Location of fractures in teeth and porcelain jackets.
3. Endodontics A. Location of the root canal orifice. B. Detection of broken instruments in the root canal. C. Location of root fractures.
4. Periodontics and Dental Hygiene A. Useful as an auxiliary light source during periodontal surgical procedures. B. Assists in detection of sub gingival calculus. C. Helps demonstrate decay and calculus directly in the patient’s mouth and is a valuable aid in patient motivation. D. Oral hygiene instruction and routine screening procedures by the hygienist or assistant.
5. Oral Surgery A. Aids in detection of soft tissue lesions when used with DL Light guide and oral cleanser B. Location of bone chips and fractured root tips. C. Generally useful as high intensity auxiliary light.
6. Orthodontics A. Location of proximal caries when teeth are banded.
7. Pedodontics A. Diagnosis of crown fractures in traumatic injuries.

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3mm standard Transilluminator complete, 2mm micro Transilluninator complete, Hand Piece Only, Protective sleeves, DL Light Guide, Microlux w/Proximal Caries Attachment (includes 5 fibres and 2 AAA Batteries), Lighted Mirror


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