Mihm Vogt HTS-2 (Speed) and HT-2/M/Zirconia Sintering Furnaces

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HT Speed fast sintering furnace

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HTS – High Temperature Speed Sintering Furnace

HT – High Temperature Furnace

HT Fast sintering furnace with ventilated heating and pre-drying programmes. Heating and cooling rate up to 70°C/minute. Special heating elements to prevent a green discolouration of the substructure. Sintering time is less than 120mins inclusive of 200g zirconia oxid beads and 1 speed bowl of Ø12cm

Dimensions: H780mm W500mm D600mm Weight: 75kg

Technical data:

Max temp: 1650°C, 6 Speed heating elements; Capacity: 2 x Ø12cm bowls up to 25 single units; 30 individual heating programmes with short texts; Precise temperature digital control in up to 4 temperature steps; Minimal heat-up time to 1550°C approx. 30min; Detailed four line LCD display; Emergency cooling system; Maximum power 3800W

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MV HTS-2/M/Zircon/120mm, MV HT-2/M/Zircon/120mm


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