NSK Endo-Mate TC2 TC2 Complete Pack With MP-F16R 16:1 Head

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Ensuring safe, precise and efficient root canal procedures.

Cordless endodontic handpiece. Lightweight, thin, compact and easily manuverable handpiece design. Can be used in multiple surgeries.

For a wide range of treatments including endodontics and propylaxis. Adjustable head angle. 9 preset speed controls. Motor function switches in the upper body section easy to use and read for precise usage. The auto reverse function is activated when the micromotor overloads against the preset fine torque. The motor reverts to forward rotation after auto reverse has freed the file. 16:1 Motor. MPA heads are equipped with built in probe ring for use with Apex locator and Endo-Mate TC2 and Endo-Mate DT system sold separately.



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