OCC – Oroclean Aseptoprint – Liquid concentrate / ready to use Spray – Dental Impression Disinfection

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Swiss made
1L Aseptoprint Liquid concentrate 1L = 100 litres
1L Ready-To-Use Aseptoprint Spray

Aseptoprint Liquid soaking tray
for dental impressions, sold separately

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A popular high performance yet gentle disinfectant for all types of impression materials including alginates, polyether, polysulfide, A-silicone and C-silicone, as well as impression trays, wax bites, orthodontic items and dental lab instruments.

Features: Protects impression trays from discolouring and prevents the fixation of blood and protein on impression materials; Works within 2 minutes; Available in 1 litre concentrate = 100 litres working solution or in a ready-to-use 1L spray

1. 1L Aseptoprint Liquid concentrate, 1 litre makes 100 litres – 2 in 1 cleaning & disinfecting
Composition in 100g: 30.0g benzalkonium chloride, surfactants, cleaning booster, auxiliaries
High-yielding concentrate
Short exposure time
Broad spectrum of efficacy
Compatible with alginate, polyether, polysulfide, A-silicone and C-Silicone
Aldehyde-,phenol-and chlorine free

2. 1L Ready-To-Use Aseptoprint Spray with quality sprayer, fully virucidal – A BEST SELLER
Composition in 100g: 20g ethanol, 28g 1-propanol, 0.056g quaternary ammonium compounds
Short exposure time
Broad spectrum of efficacy
Excellent material compatibility
Complies with European standards

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180ml bottle, 1 Litre concentrate (makes 50L), 1 Litre ready-to-use with Sprayer


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