ORBI-Sept Wet Wipes

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Alcoholic wipes for the rapid disinfection of invasive and non-invasive medical devices as well as for the disinfection of surfaces

Fragrance notes: neutral, cool fresh

Cloth qualities:
• Standard – 24 gsm, 12 x 20 cm, polyester-viscose blend, lint-free
• Plus – 40 gsm, 16 x 28 cm, polyester-viscose blend, lint-free
• Soft – 50 gsm, 28 x 30 cm, polyester-viscose blend, lint-free
• Premium – 60 gsm, 30 x 28 cm, very high quality nonwoven material
(comparable to microfiber quality), lint-free

Bactericidal (including MRSA), yeasticidal (Candida albicans),
tuberculocidal (M. terrae),
„Limited virucidal“ (effective against enveloped viruses such as HBV, HIV, HCV)
effective against adenoviruses, noroviruses, redaviruses.

Exposure times:
Effectiveness of impregnated wipes according to EN 16615 of high load:
Conc. 2 min.
Bacteria and Candida albicans (tested according to VAH requirements,
As of: 02.04.2015, high load):
Conc. 2 min.

• Usable by SpenderBucket REF 39.46122 (Size S of REF 39.184926)

• All wipes meet the requirements of DIN EN 16615 (4-field test).
• Not suitable for use with acrylic glass, delicate surfaces and colored towels. We recommend the use of the non-alcoholic surface disinfectant REF 258134 or of non-alcoholic disinfectant wipes REF 256449.

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Standard, S, 12 x 20 cm, cool fresh, 6 bags of 100 wipes, Plus, M, 16 x 28 cm, neutral, bags of 250, Plus, M, 16 x 28 cm, cool fresh, bags of 250 wipes, Soft, L, 28 x 30 cm, neutral, bags of 90 wipes, Soft, L, 28 x 30 cm, cool fresh, bags of 90 wipes, Premium, L, 30 x 28 cm, neutral, bags of 75 wipes, Premium, L, 30 x 28 cm, cool fresh, bags of 75 wipes


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