Orbis Duplicating Silicone Standard & Speed

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2 x 1 or 2 x 6kg



Addition-curing, extremely precise vinyl-polysiloxane of often final hardness for duplication go art. Returns sthromile duplicate shapings z. B. in bedding and milling. Of ORBIS duplicating silicone, almost any material can be duplicated z. Gypsum models, metals. The Meister Model must not be watered, but should be dry and cleaned of all Isoliermediumn etc. The mixing and processing times refer to a room temperature of 23°C and a relative humidity of 50%.

• Standard: Mixing time 45 sec., Processing time 6 min., Dispensability 25 min.
• Speed: mixing time 30 sec., Processing time 2 min., Dispensability 10 min.

• Excellent detail reproduction
• Mixing ratio 1: 1
• Final Hardness: 20 Shore A



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2x1kg, 2x6kg

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Standard, A + B, white/green,, Speed, A + B, white/orange


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