Orbis Interdental brushes for holders (IDBH)

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Brushes in hygienic individual packaging



The daily cleaning of the interdental spaces is not only useful for a dentition of exclusively healthy teeth, but especially in situations of fillings, crowns, implants and braces. Regular cleaning reduces the risk of a damaging inflammatory process, such as B. periodontal disease, minimized. ORBIS offers the ideal interdental brush for every case.

Interdental brushes for the holder (IDBH) are simply attached by finger pressure to the 3 available holders, namely for frontal or angled application, as needed. To change, they are pulled by finger pressure from the holder. Complicated threading or mounting is eliminated.

• Brushes in hygienic individual packaging
• The practical clamping device on the pack is ideal for sampling in surgery or in the prophylactic shop

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5 Pieces, 50 Pieces


IDBH-T, turquoise, Ø 2,2 mm, > 0,55 mm,, IDBH-X, grey, Ø 1,7 mm, > 0,80 mm, IDBH-O, orange, Ø 2,0 mm, > 0,90 mm, IDBH-W, white, Ø 2,2 mm, > 1,0 mm, IDBH-GE, yellow, Ø 2,5 mm, > 1,1 mm,, IDBH-GK, green, conical, Ø 2,3–4,3 mm, > 1,2 mm, IDBH-RK, red, conical, Ø 3,0–6,0 mm, > 1,6 mm


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