Orbis Mixing Tips Yellow/White 1:1 (Pack of 50)

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Pack of 50

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Orbis mixing tips are fully compatible with the mixing tips of the original manufacturer.

1:1 mixing.  Compatible with

  • Orbis A-Silicones (Orbis)
  • Aquasil LV/ULV (Dentsply)
  • Honigum Automix Light and Light Fast (DMG)
  • Panasil Contact Plus (Kettenbach)
  • Rebilda SC (Voco)
  • Affinis Light and Regular (Coltene Whaledent)
  • Dimension L and L Quick, Imprint 4 Light Body/ Reg Body, Imprint II Quick Step Light. Reg Body (3M ESPE)
  • Flexitime Correct Flow, Provil Novo (Kulzer)
  • Betasil Vario (Muller)

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Long Tip, Short Tip


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