Orbis ORBI-Sept Sensitive Wet Wipes

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Alcoholic wipes for quick disinfection of non-invasive medical devices

• Alcohol-reduced wet wipes
• Significantly milder and very tolerable
• Comprehensive Spectrum within 1 min.
• Fragrance: flower

Bactericidal (including MRSA) according to VAH / DGHM, EN 13697, yeasticidal (Candida albicans) according to VAH / DGHM, EN 13697, tuberculocidal according to EN 14348, „limited virucidal“ (effective against enveloped viruses, eg HBV, HIV, HCV) and effective against Reda and Noroviruses.

Exposure times:
Bacteria according to VAH / DGHM, EN 13697 (high load): Conc. 1 min.
Candida albicans according to VAH / DGHM, EN 13697
(high load): Conc. 1 min.
TbB (tuberculosis) inactivation according to EN 14348: conc. 1 min.
Enveloped viruses (eg HBV, HIV, HCV) according to EN 14476 acc.
BGA (RKI) / DVV: conc. 1 min.
Redaviruses (EN 14476): conc. 1 min.
Noroviruses (EN 14476): conc. 1 min.

When using for acrylic glass and sensitive surfaces, test on a non-visible surface. Not suitable for use of colored towels. Alternatively, a non-alcoholic surface disinfectant REF 39.10452 or non-alcoholic disinfectant
tion sheets REF 39.10453.


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