Orbis Spittoon Cleaners

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Ready-to-use solution for cleaning and maintaining mouthwash bowls in the dental office.
The product has a disinfecting effect and is also suitable for use in sinks and on tiles. Removes residues of blood, lime, plaque dye tablets and impression materials. The preparation leaves an anti-fouling coating on the surface after application, which reduces the adhesion of new contaminants.

Bactericidal and yeasticidal (Candida albicans) according to DIN EN 13697, tuberculocidal according to DIN EN 14348

Exposure times:
Bacteria and Candida albicans according to EN 13697:
Undiluted 1 min. (Low load)
Tuberculosis inactivation (M. terrae) according to EN 14348:
Undiluted 5 min. (Low load)


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