Orbis Surface Disinfectant Wipes PLUS (6 x 100 wipes)

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Ready-to-use disinfectant wipes for rapid wipe disinfection of smaller, non-alcoholic surfaces of non-invasive medical devices. Extremely tear-resistant nonwoven material. Sold as refill packs. To buy empty wipes canister search for: 39.184926

Use disinfectant with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

* Effective against MRSA
* Without irritation potential due to quaternary ammonium salts
* Residue-free evaporation
* Fragrance: cool fresh
* Aldehyde-free
* Phenol free
* VAH / DGHM listed drug solution

Not suitable for use with acrylic glass, delicate surfaces and coloured towels. We recommend the use of the non-alcoholic ORBIS surface disinfectant REF 10452 or of non-alcoholic disinfectant wipes REF 10453.
Broad spectrum of activity:
Bactericidal (including MRSA) according to VAH / DGHM, EN 1040, EN 1276, yeasticidal (Candida albicans) according to VAH / DGHM, EN 1275, EN 1650, tuberculocidal according to VAH / DGHM, EN 14348, “limited virucidal” (effective against enveloped Viruses, eg HBV, HIV, HCV) and effective against enveloped noro-, rota- and adenoviruses

Reaction times (Conc.):
Bacteria according to VAH / DGHM, EN 1040 and EN 1276: Conc .: 30 sec. (Low load VAH / DGHM) Conc .: 1 min. (High load VAH / DGHM, EN 1276) Candida albicans according to VAH / DGHM, EN 1275 , EN 1650: conc .: 30 sec. (Low VAH / DGHM) Conc .: 1 min. (High VAH / DGHM exposure, EN 1650) TbB (tuberculosis) inactivation according to VAH / DGHM, EN 14348: Conc .: 30 sec. (Low load VAH / DGHM) Conc .: 1 min. (High load VAH / DGHM, EN 14348) Stuffed viruses (eg HBV, HIV, HCV) according to BGA (RKI) / DVV with load:
Conc .: 30 sec. Adenoviruses (EN 14476, high load): conc .: 30 sec. Noroviruses (according to EN 14476, low load): conc .: 1 min. Rotaviruses (according to EN 14476, high load): Conc .: 30 sec.

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