Orbis Trayliner 18 x 28 cm or 36 x 28 cm (Packs of 250)

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Tray inserts and suspension tables are made from high quality filter crepe paper. The paper used is produced in an environmentally friendly process without chlorine bleach. It is wood-free and contains no optical brightener, it is highly absorbent and high wet-strength. Available in different colours.
For standard trays:
* Size: 18 x 28 cm
For suspended tables:
* Size: 36 x 28 cm

  • Application for standard trays
  • Colour: White, Green, Yellow, Lilac and Blue
  • Format 18 x 28 cm
  • Pack : Content 250 pieces

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Blue 18x28cm, Green 18x28cm, Yellow18x28cm, Lilac 18x28cm, White 18x28cm, White 28x36cm, Blue 28x36cm, Yellow 28x36cm, Green 28x36cm


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