PRO-C, Pre-Rinse Oral Cleanser, accessory for oral cancer adjunct screening tools

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Pro-C, 30ml each
For up to 3 patients – 10ml per patient

Used prior to an oral screening adjunct examination. Pro-C is an oral screening accessory only, cleanses & reduces glare therefore enhancing visualisation when using screening tools such as the ViziLite and Microlux/dl.

ViziLite, ViziLite T-Blue and Microlux/dl adjunct screening tools, shown in gallery photos are sold separately.

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Made in the UK, the cost effective Pro-C (Pre-rinse clear oral cleanser) is used to dry the oral mucosa and cleanse the oral cavity prior to screening with a LED or Chemilluminessence light source specific to oral cancer adjunct screening. Ideal accessory cleanser (contains only 1% acitic acid) for the Microlux/dl & ViziLite screening system. 10ml of the Pro-C solution is expectorated after 30 seconds. The delicate raspberry flavour makes this a nice experience of taste however the patient may rinse with water afterwards, before the adjunct examination, should they wish to do so. Sugar free and alcohol free. Bottled as 30ml for up to 3 patient adjunct screenings.

This is not an oral screening dye. T-Blue, toluidine blue dye is sold separately as an oral screening adjunct option. Panadent sells OraBlu or ViziLite T-Blue separately

ViziLite, ViziLite T-Blue and Microlux/dl adjunct screening tools all sold separately.

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