Ribbond Bondable Reinforced Tape/Ribbon, THM (Thinner, Higher Modulus)

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Ribbond bondable reinforced tape/ribbon, THM
Available in four different widths: 1, 2, 3 and 4 mm
Thickness: 0.18 mm

68cm long tape of 1mm wide THM
(1mm for fixed orthodontic retainers)
68cm long tape of 2mm wide THM
68cm long tape of 3mm wide THM
68cm long tape of 4mm wide THM
Refill/multi pack, 22cm long tapes of THM with widths of 2, 3 & 4mm

Ribbond Special Scissors, sold separately
(most scissors will not cut Ribbond)

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Ribbond THM (Thinner, Higher Modulus = thinner and higher thread count) is an excellent all-purpose fiber. It is 0.18 mm thick and is available in widths of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm and 1mm (for fixed orthodontic retainers). The unique combination of strength, esthetics and bondability allows Ribbond to be used for many different applications. Ribbond bonds to both composite and acrylic giving you a material with multiple uses.
The THM version: Even finer fibers at a higher concentration are used than is the case with “original/regular” Ribbond. In this way the fiber tape is easier to adapt and provides the opportunity of producing thinner and smoother splints or bridges etc., without having to sacrifice any of the expected strength.
THM features:
Adhesive reinforcing tape for esthetically demanding work
Strong restistance to fracturing
Rapid, precise and easy adaptation
Wide range of indications
Patented fabric

Ribbond prevents fracture failures in dental composites and acrylics. Ribbond prostheses are strong and maintain their strength with continued use. They are tough and durable. Ribbond’s unique combination of ultra-high strength fibers, enhanced bondability and patented cross-link lock-stitch leno weave makes the strength and fracture toughness of Ribbond reinforced prostheses unsurpassed by other fiber reinforcements.

Ribbond is made from the same ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers. These fibers far exceed the breaking point of fiberglass and are so tough that specially made scissors are required to cut them. Ribbond’s fibers absorb less moisture than the dental resins.

Ribbond adapts to the contours of the teeth and dental arch. Example; when making a periodontal splint, Ribbond tucks in interproximally without rebounding. Ribbond does not spread or fall apart when manipulated. If at anytime the Ribbond is cut into with a rotary instrument, the resultant particles and exposed fibers will not be a biocompatibility risk to the patient.

•Adaptable and Manageable
•Does not unravel when cut or manipulated
•Reinforces multi-directionally
•Durable & impact absorbent
•Transfers stresses efficiently throughout the fiber network

Ribbond is translucent, practically colorless and disappears within the composite or acrylic without show-through. Not only does Ribbond offer excellent esthetics, its translucency also allows the use of light cured composites.

1mm THM usage examples: Orthodontic retention elements; Diastema closure; Periodontal splinting; Immediate treatment of completely luxated teeth; Reinforcement of overdentures
2mm THM usage examples: Bridges with or without preparation; Temp bridges; Direct posts and cores

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1mm width, 2mm width, 3mm width, 4mm width, Multi/refill pack of 2, 3 & 4mm widths


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