Schutz Alphalink Cem (1 x 8 gr )

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5g automix cartridge.

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Alphalink Cem is a dual-curing fixing composite for abutments.


  • Extraordinary bonding strength
  • High radiopacity, radiopaque (210 % Al)
  • Very high compresive strength of 290 MPa
  • Abrasion-stable
  • High viscosity
  • Automix cartridge for easy handling
  • Transparent mixing tip
  • High biocompatibility, as the material is free of Bis-GMA
  • Long-term stability due to excellent physical properties
  • Safe, because it is auto-curing

Physical properties:

  • E-module: 12.039 MPa
  • Bending strength: 118 MPa
  • Very high Vickers hardness: 549 MPa
  • Room temperature ca. 21 °C (ca. 69 °F): ca. 6 min
  • Intraoral 37 °C (ca. 98.6 °F): 2-3 min

The full system consists of:

  • Sebond Implant: The bonding agent prepares the zirconium dioxide surface for secure bonding.
  • Alphalink Implant: The fixing composite bonds your framework to the abutment.

Use this system for secure adhesion of supra constructions to abutments.

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Semi-Transparent, A2, A3


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