Scheutz Dialog Coloured (3ml) and Clear (10ml) Varnishes

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The Ultimate combination of Sealant/Varnishes



This highly scratch/abrasion-proof surface sealing varnish is suitable for many different applications. Due to its multiple uses, dialog varnish seals acrylic teeth, splints, crowns and bridges, veneers and temporary restorations, partial and full dentures as well as repairs and combined restorations, making them highly abrasion-resistant and very safe.

Put the finishing touch to your CAD/CAM-milled prosthetics made of PMMA or composite with dialog varnish.

For CDT’s or dentists, the varnish can be applied directly in the patient‘s mouth. Different colours can be intermixed which brings individual and highly aesthetic results.

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Clear High Viscous, Clear Normal, Red, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow, Black, Khaki, LightBrown, DarkBrown


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