Schuler Hydraulic Flask Press

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Schuler S-U-Flask-Press
Hydraulic flask press for up to 3 flasks
Including flask clamps

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Schuler S-U-Flask-Press is a hydraulic flask press for up to 3 flasks, incl. flask clamps. Robust structure, resistant spindle. The pump housing, as well as the top part of the spindle are made of cast steel. The pressure is controlled by a pressure gauge and the table is automatically lowered after opening of the relief valve.

Dimensions: H500mm W230mm D220mm Weight: 19.5kg. Utilisable clamping height max. 235mm Utilisable width approx. 140mm

Technical data:

Operating compression: 9.500kg = 250kg/cm³, Max. compression 15.200kg = 400kg/cm³


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