Shining 3D Autoscan Open Dental Scanner

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The Shining 3D Autoscan – DS-EX Digital Scanner is a low cost entry scanner that equals the quality of it’s bigger more expensive rivals.

AutoScan-DS-EX and the DS-EX Pro (Blue Light version) is an unexpectedly cost-effective option for the dental market. This brand new 3D dental scanner will amaze the dental world with its unmatched small footprint and unprecedented light-weight. This will make it the ideal scanning solution for any dental service bureau and labs with restricted space.

Using clever software programming which can be automated or manually controlled, this modular system can be upgraded if required to a blue light camera head. Being modular it also means lower maintenance costs should parts ever need to be replaced or upgraded.

The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner provides an optimal data post-processing option through LAN net-work, and a revolutionary structure that allows easy upgrades for the foreseeable future.


  • Fully Open Structure
  • Multiple Functions Available
  • Supports the 3D scanning of most articulators available in the market, such as Artex, KAVO, and Bio-Art
  • Triple-tray scanning : more convenient triple-tray impression scanning with optimised jig.
  • Texture scanning: Marks on dental models can be captured clearly, providing reference for further design work.
  • Continuous Scanning: The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner provides an optimal data post-processing option through LAN net-work.
  • Clinic Mode Optional Additions: With the clinic mode, desktop 3D scanner can be applied to dental clinics directly to support chair-side restoration solutions.
  • Open Data Format: Export STL data, high compatibility with current open CAD/CAM software and hardware in the market.
  • Technology: Heterodyne phase shift-based structured white light combined with photogrammetry.
  • Scan volume: Diameter 100 mm, up to 80 mm height.
  • Scan speed: Approx. 30 sec (single die) / 9 dies (in multi dies) Approx 30sec / Full arch model Approx 30 secs.
  • Resolution: Two cameras, 1.3 Mega Pixels.
  • Data quality: Noise < 5 μm (depending on surface of object); Repeatability < 10 μm (depending on surface of object); Accuracy: < 15 μm over complete arch
  • Scan indications: Impressions, dental models and check-bites, Crown& Bridges applications, partials, dentures, inlays/onlays, etc
  • Multi-die scanning: Yes

Model AutoScan-DS-EX Specifications

  • Camera Resolution 1.3 mega pixel
  • Accuracy <15 µm
  • Scanning Range 100 mm*100 mm*75 mm
  • Scanning Time bite: 13 s; upper /lower jaw: 30 s; 1-8 dies: 30 s; impression: 120 s
  • Scanning Principle Structured Light 3D Scanning
  • Temperature 0℃ to 30 ℃(higher temperature will affect the scanning result)
  • Dimension 260 mm * 270 mm * 420 mm
  • Weight 5 kg
  • Output Format STL, OBJ
  • Interface USB 3.0
  • Power DC 24 V

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DS-EX Scanner w/o Exocad SW, DS-EX Scanner with Exocad Basic SW, DS-EX PRO Scanner w/o Exocad SW, DS-EX PRO Scanner with Exocad Basic SW


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