Sirona TiBase & Abutment Screw Set Thommen TM (3.5,4.0,4.5,5.0,6.0) S (Scanbody sold separately)

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TiBase FX 5.5 L – For implant system Thommen Medical

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TiBase and Abutment Screw are products which are used for the digital acquisition of an implant position and for the restorative supply of implants.

Instead of a deformation post to transmit the implant position to a model, a Scanbody is required in the digital process, which can be optically acquired in an effective way along with the mouth situation. For this purpose, a titanium base (product name: TiBase) is mounted on an implant or laboratory analog with an Abutment Screw (product name for separate product: Abutment Screw) and depending on the acquisition system a suitable Scanbody is connected to this.

The titanium base is designed on the bottom side in line with the implant’s specific requirements and can only be screwed onto specific implants with a certain diameter. The top side is formed for the acquisition of a Scanbody.

A titanium base can also be used for the restorative supply of an implant. For this purpose, a mesostructure is glued onto the titanium base, which can be individually adjusted in line with aesthetic and functional requirements. Depending on the mesostructure design, the product glued to the titanium base can be used as the abutment or directly bolted crown.

An Abutment Screw is also used for the definitive attachment to the implant.
The TiBase product comprises two individual components: Titanium base and Abutment Screw.
The Abutment Screw product comprises two identical Abutment Screws.
Abutment Screws are provided separately, as they are either required as a replacement part or as an additional attachment to the laboratory analog

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3.5S, 4.0S, 4.5S, 5.0S, 6.0S


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